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Should Vertical blinds be recalled in the UK?

August 9, 2010

Are vertical blinds really that dangerous? or is there some element of scaremongering going on. America’s blinds retailers are facing the worst backlash ever over the risk of strangulation on corded vertical blinds.

Now people here are calling for a total recall, there is no denying that their is a high risk, but most of the risk is associated with blinds pre 2008.

So whats your view, recall or not?


Cheap white blackout roller blinds

May 24, 2010

Lancashire Rose blinds are pleased to announce a  brnad new low price on our made to measure blackout roller blind in white. This blind retails from as little as £9.99.

cheap blackout rolleer blinds

Blackout roller blinds

So why not order yours online today or if you prefer why not have a spiral suede blackout roller blind from only £19.99

Scatter cushions

April 21, 2010

Scatter cushions or decorative living room cushions are becoming a huge part of the soft furnishing industry  and interior design in general.In terms of creating a simple style statement on a tired room there is no easier or cheaper way to do this than by using a scatter cushion to decorate a sofa or indeed a bed.

Scatter cushions come in all shapes and sizes, Lancashire Rose Blinds manunfacture hand finsihed 18inch cushions in a range of luxury designer fabrics. Our decorative cushions are filled with feather down and conform to al British fire regulations. Each one is lovingly finished to create the perfect cushion, they are availble in packs of 3 for only £58.99. Order yours online today, dont forget we also do matching Roman blinds

Link Bait

March 10, 2010

The term Link bait is widely used for posts that maybe contreversial, outrageous, or just plain silly,

So why do it, the theory behind this is that if you write a post that attracts loads of comments then people will want to link to it and it will go viral.helping you get loads of backlinks.

So who wants to join me in a test? Lets see if link baiting works, you comment on this post and we will return the comment on your blog. According to  most marketers this will lead to you getting higher ramkings in the serps?

So who’s game?

Roller Blinds

February 16, 2010

It has been said that Roller Blinds are the most versatile and functional blinds ever made, but why?

Why choose a roller blinds above the other styles of blinds available?

We believe that roller blinds are easy to install, functional and practical. They have got lots of features , can be blackout, solar protective or just dimout. the choice of colours and styles available is too many to mention. Right now Lancashire Rose Blidns have an extra £10.00 off selected roller blinds. Hurry offer ends on 21.02.10

How to give your windows a cheap makeover

January 7, 2010

For many people, the credit crunch is becoming a real factor. Becasue of this certain luxuries are been left out of the monthly budget. Maybe you have cut back on meals out, fine wines or other treats. However your windows and home decoratin need not be one of these.

It is easy to give a room a compartively cheap make over now. Firstly Your windows.  you can easily change the look of your windows by simply changing the vertical blinds slats. Lancashire Rose blinds supply a wide range of vertical blinds slats at fantastic prices, such as our budget blinds slats from  £9.99 for a pack of five.

Once you have sorted the blinds next look at your wallpaper many great bagains can be found if you simply search around that will suit any budget.

Finally the furniture check the net for some great bargains on occasional furniture such as book cases.

Realistically you can spend a small amount and make a huge differecnce to any room.

Simply search the net for those bargains. Why not start here?

Cheap Blinds

January 4, 2010

Lancashire Rose Blinds know that the new year can be tough. That is why every blind in our January sale has £10.00 off. PLus we are holding our Vat rate at 15% until 31.01.10.

Buy now and save on all type of window blinds today.

Cream vertical blinds chain just in

November 18, 2009

Lancashire Rose Blind have added some new products to our ever growing range of vertical blinds spares.


We now supply cream vertical blinds chain and cream weights for blinds. These products are ideal if you have a darker bind and want to belend it to your decor.


As always the are very competively priced, to make repairing your blinds as easily as possible.

Window blinds…The forgotten Nursery essential?

October 26, 2009

Window blinds…The forgotten Nursery essential? A new addition to the family brings lots of changes (not just nappies!) and the shopping list for a new baby can be endless; pram, cot, car seat, clothing, nappies, wipes (we could go on) – but we wont.

So how do you choose the perfect fabric blinds for the nursery?Choose from a wide range of roller blinds in blackout fabric, from plain blinds to our wonderful nursery themes ballon blinds or a simple baby footsteps blind.

Lancashire Rose Blidns have some fantastic offers on line right now, so why not order today?

Buy British

September 5, 2009

Lancashire Rose blinds are proud to support the buy British campaign, as we believe that  we make quality UK manufactured blinds in our own factory. We do not use any imported components or fabrics in any of our blinds.

While the economy has become global and many companies import from other countries, which encourages fair trade for all, this has lead to a loss in British manufacturing Jobs and skill. Choose British, chooose blinds from Lancashire Rose blinds