How to give your windows a cheap makeover

For many people, the credit crunch is becoming a real factor. Becasue of this certain luxuries are been left out of the monthly budget. Maybe you have cut back on meals out, fine wines or other treats. However your windows and home decoratin need not be one of these.

It is easy to give a room a compartively cheap make over now. Firstly Your windows.  you can easily change the look of your windows by simply changing the vertical blinds slats. Lancashire Rose blinds supply a wide range of vertical blinds slats at fantastic prices, such as our budget blinds slats from  £9.99 for a pack of five.

Once you have sorted the blinds next look at your wallpaper many great bagains can be found if you simply search around that will suit any budget.

Finally the furniture check the net for some great bargains on occasional furniture such as book cases.

Realistically you can spend a small amount and make a huge differecnce to any room.

Simply search the net for those bargains. Why not start here?



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