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Blinds in Manchester

January 20, 2010

If you are thinking of blinds, think of Smiths Blinds why?

At Smiths Blinds Manchester, we manufacture quality, stylish and effective window blinds ranging from the classic verticals and rollers to modern panel and conservatory blinds Manchester and throughout the North West.

We also supply contract and specialist fabrics for commercial and public areas such as hospitals, schools, apartments and offices with Flame Retardant fabrics and also specialised fabrics that kill MRSA, Bacteria and that are Mould Proof.

Smiths Blinds is a quality established business with many years of experience in manufacturing, retailing and fitting window blinds. As a result, we have a sound knowledge of customer expectations: Excellent Quality at Remarkable Prices!

We invest all our time and money into expanding our manufacturing facilites to enable us to pass on significant savings to our clients.

In addition to these savings our clients benefit from our vast experience as fitters, having measured over 2000 properties, including 100’s of conservatories, we are able to offer free advice on fitting blinds in the most challenging of situations.

Simply if you need blinds fitting in Manchester there is no other company you should call

However if you live outside of Manchester then, fear not you can still buy the same quality blinds direct for self fitting  here at Lancashire Rose Blinds.

Simply the best of both worlds, Smiths Blinds and Lancashire Rose Blinds a winning combination. Why not put us to the test?


How to give your living room a makeover for under £40.00

January 11, 2010

It is that time of year again, many of us are now considering redecorating and most of us will start with our living rooms. Lets face it money is tight, post Christamas, credit crunch and a long way until payday.

So what to do, simple spend as little money as possible! Seriously, start with what you have. Look at your existing furniture, can you give the room more impact by simply moving it around? Secondly your flooring, do you have carpet or laminate? carpet put a big rug on the floor, laminate do the same. You can pick a large rug up for under £10.00 in charity shops.

Lastly your windows, vertical blinds, repalce the slats, from just £9.99 for a pack of five.

Living proof you do not have to spend a fortune hange a room, just a little imagination and a good idea for a bargain

How to give your windows a cheap makeover

January 7, 2010

For many people, the credit crunch is becoming a real factor. Becasue of this certain luxuries are been left out of the monthly budget. Maybe you have cut back on meals out, fine wines or other treats. However your windows and home decoratin need not be one of these.

It is easy to give a room a compartively cheap make over now. Firstly Your windows.  you can easily change the look of your windows by simply changing the vertical blinds slats. Lancashire Rose blinds supply a wide range of vertical blinds slats at fantastic prices, such as our budget blinds slats from  £9.99 for a pack of five.

Once you have sorted the blinds next look at your wallpaper many great bagains can be found if you simply search around that will suit any budget.

Finally the furniture check the net for some great bargains on occasional furniture such as book cases.

Realistically you can spend a small amount and make a huge differecnce to any room.

Simply search the net for those bargains. Why not start here?

Ready Made Blinds

January 6, 2010

Ready made blinds are very popular and cheap do a search on Google and you can find them for as little as £10.00.

Why are they so cheap? Simply because they require a lot of effort on your part. Firstly they are usally mass produced to predefined sizes which means you will have to trim them down to fit. Secondly the fabrics used are more often than not, cheap and poor quality. Thirdly most of them use plastic or cardboard tubing, which overtime may bend.

So whats the alternative then? Simple answer a custom made blind, made to your exact measurements and using superior quality fabrics. No need to trim or mess about , simply un pack and fit. Ready made blinds may be cheap, but in the long run are they real value for money?

Cheap Blinds

January 4, 2010

Lancashire Rose Blinds know that the new year can be tough. That is why every blind in our January sale has £10.00 off. PLus we are holding our Vat rate at 15% until 31.01.10.

Buy now and save on all type of window blinds today.