Green blinds

Going green in window treatments isn’t about a color choice, it’s a movement to choose environmentally friendly decorating products.  It’s also about saving energy to help the environment, and window treatments can save you a bundle.

Window treatments can reduce heat loss in the winter and keep out the heat of the summer.  We have a large Keeping windows open in the cool evenings and closing them with the blinds  keeping the sun out keeps it nice and cool in all but the hottest of summer days.

Venetian blinds are better at keeping the summer heat out than the winter heat in.  Because of the slats and the numerous openings, blinds don’t control heat loss in the winter very well.  For summer, they are great choices for controlling light and ventilation while maintaining privacy.  Blinds are good energy saving window treatments in warmer climates, and they can reduce heat gain by up to 45%.


vertical blinds  now come with energy saving properties too and can offer a wider choice to the home owner.

So going green with blinds is not a colour choice but an affordable lifestyle choice.



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