Why are Blinds better than Net Curtains as a window treatment

If you are like us, of a certain age group, you will probably remember your mother taking down the net curtains every Monday morning and washing them, then hanging them up wet. This was the time when all the neighbours could straight into the front room.  A big no, in our family.

However, with the changing times, the use of  net curtains has been decreasing because of the use of blinds.

Compared to curtains, blinds are the preferred choice of a lot of people because of the various benefits that they offer. Blinds are available in a vast range of designs, styles, colours and features. These choices help you to choose the most relevant blind that will suit your home décor.

Blinds are better than net  curtains because they help you control the light that enters your home. Blinds help to keep your room warm during the winter and help to block the sunlight during hot summers. Blinds are preferred over curtains as they are relatively easy to install. Moreover, blinds are more cost effective and deliver good value for money. Maintaining blinds is much simpler than curtains.

Curtains have to be washed as the dust and dirt gets absorbed into them. Blinds do not need to be washed; they can be simply cleaned with a cloth. Blinds give a very modern look to your home. There are various colours and designs you can choose from depending on the interiors of your room. In fact, blinds are the perfect choice for your room. Apart from making your room look bright and contemporary, they allow you to take complete control of the light entering the room.

Lancashire Rose blinds make all our our blinds made to measure in our own factory using the finest fabrics, to ensure you get the best blind for your money.



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