Royal mailing killing off online Trade?

As many buisness owners are now painfully aware Royal Mail is holding us to ransom yet again. Today 08.10.09 they announced an all out strike commencing 15th to the 20th of October. This comes at a time, when business owners are faced with recession and a general down turn in trade. Not only that for many online traders this is thier busiest times.

This Strike will create a back log of unsent mail for weeks to come, with the likelyhood that it will not be cleared in time for Christmas. For online retailers who rely on Royal mail to send thier small parcels this is just another nail in our coffins.

Many consumers who would purchase online are now faced with two options, simply not to bother and go to the high street or pay higher delivery charges which retailers will be forced to charge to counteract the downturn by using courier services.

This will result, in our opinion many online retailers losing trade or in the worst case going out of business all together. What are the Government going to do about it? Should Royal Mail be allowed to cripple the online economy in this way? We would like to hear your views on this and how you feel the strike will affect your business.



One Response to “Royal mailing killing off online Trade?”

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