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Window blinds…The forgotten Nursery essential?

October 26, 2009

Window blinds…The forgotten Nursery essential? A new addition to the family brings lots of changes (not just nappies!) and the shopping list for a new baby can be endless; pram, cot, car seat, clothing, nappies, wipes (we could go on) – but we wont.

So how do you choose the perfect fabric blinds for the nursery?Choose from a wide range of roller blinds in blackout fabric, from plain blinds to our wonderful nursery themes ballon blinds or a simple baby footsteps blind.

Lancashire Rose Blidns have some fantastic offers on line right now, so why not order today?


cheap blinds just got cheaper

October 25, 2009

Lancashire rose blinds have slashed a further £15.00 off all our blinds until 31.12.09. Shop now and save. spend over £125.00 and get free delivery too.

Why are Blinds better than Net Curtains as a window treatment

October 20, 2009

If you are like us, of a certain age group, you will probably remember your mother taking down the net curtains every Monday morning and washing them, then hanging them up wet. This was the time when all the neighbours could straight into the front room.  A big no, in our family.

However, with the changing times, the use of  net curtains has been decreasing because of the use of blinds.

Compared to curtains, blinds are the preferred choice of a lot of people because of the various benefits that they offer. Blinds are available in a vast range of designs, styles, colours and features. These choices help you to choose the most relevant blind that will suit your home décor.

Blinds are better than net  curtains because they help you control the light that enters your home. Blinds help to keep your room warm during the winter and help to block the sunlight during hot summers. Blinds are preferred over curtains as they are relatively easy to install. Moreover, blinds are more cost effective and deliver good value for money. Maintaining blinds is much simpler than curtains.

Curtains have to be washed as the dust and dirt gets absorbed into them. Blinds do not need to be washed; they can be simply cleaned with a cloth. Blinds give a very modern look to your home. There are various colours and designs you can choose from depending on the interiors of your room. In fact, blinds are the perfect choice for your room. Apart from making your room look bright and contemporary, they allow you to take complete control of the light entering the room.

Lancashire Rose blinds make all our our blinds made to measure in our own factory using the finest fabrics, to ensure you get the best blind for your money.

Free Delivery on blinds

October 18, 2009

Free Delivery on all window blinds. Lancashire Rose blinds are now offering free delivery on all blinds orders over the value of £100.00.Order before 31.12.09 and get an extra £10.00 off our already cheap blinds.

New range of vertical blinds slats added

October 15, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us are considering redcorating . Changing your wallpaper or paint usually means your window blinds do not match with your new decor. You are now in the situation do you leave the old window blinds or do you buy some new ones. However thier is a third option, repalce your existing vertical blinds slats.

Replacing these is really easy, simply take the measurements of your existing ones, either as recess or hem to hem.

Then visit our site and choose from a range of plain fabrics, blackout fabrics or designer fabrics. Order the correct amount of slats you need and have your new blinds at half the costs of a complete window blinds.

Time to decorate for christmas?

October 12, 2009

Its that time of year again when many of us are considering redecorating for christmas. Were do you focus your energies and budget on.Our advice is to do  somthin inexpensive to give your whole room a new look.

One simple thing such as changing your curtains for blinds can give a room that wow factor. For a cheap way to decorate  window why not choose a budget roller blind

Just beause its cheap does not mean that it can not add a bit of colour and wow factor to your windows. Roller blinds from lancashire Rose blidns are made using the finest fabrics and components. Buy cheap buy twice.

Royal mailing killing off online Trade?

October 8, 2009

As many buisness owners are now painfully aware Royal Mail is holding us to ransom yet again. Today 08.10.09 they announced an all out strike commencing 15th to the 20th of October. This comes at a time, when business owners are faced with recession and a general down turn in trade. Not only that for many online traders this is thier busiest times.

This Strike will create a back log of unsent mail for weeks to come, with the likelyhood that it will not be cleared in time for Christmas. For online retailers who rely on Royal mail to send thier small parcels this is just another nail in our coffins.

Many consumers who would purchase online are now faced with two options, simply not to bother and go to the high street or pay higher delivery charges which retailers will be forced to charge to counteract the downturn by using courier services.

This will result, in our opinion many online retailers losing trade or in the worst case going out of business all together. What are the Government going to do about it? Should Royal Mail be allowed to cripple the online economy in this way? We would like to hear your views on this and how you feel the strike will affect your business.

Blinds as window coverings

October 4, 2009

Window blinds have been around for many years and make the perfect window coverings, simply because of thier versitality and functionallity, take for example the humble roller blind, Roller blinds are the ideal choice for any window, as the are easy to fit and care for. Roller blinds come in a wide variety  of practical and functional colours and designs, that will easily match to any room.

Now there is even the option to use roller blinds as a window treatment for a conservatory by using the perfect fit blinds option.

Its is the end of curtains?

why buy blinds online rather than from a high street store?

October 2, 2009

Buying a perfect window blind is not a problem anymore as you can choose from several varieties of blinds online. There are several online companies which offer comprehensive range of blinds to meet your needs and requirements. One should know the actual requirements or purpose before buying any blind type otherwise the money will go in vain. Let’s discuss some of the tips which are of utmost importance while buying blinds online: •

Choosing the right color, style and material- When you are about to purchase new window blinds for your room then you must choose blinds with a color matching with your room furniture color.

There are usually three types of designs available. These are block color, traditional patterns and contemporary patterns. You can find plenty of blinds in these three categories. You can also choose blinds according to the type of ambience and style you want in your room. Vertical blinds are best suited if you are style conscious and want to have unique ambience in your room. You can also buy office blinds, roller blinds and blackout blinds if you have other specific requirements. • Get the best deal- Getting your favorite blinds at affordable price is always a challenge. So browse through the online company’s website thoroughly and get the best deal possible. There are cases when the company may offer you huge discounts and schemes through which you can bring blinds home at reasonable rate. So keep your eyes open and grab such tempting and profitable deals.

One thing which you should know is that the price of any window blind depends upon several factors like size, electricity saver capabilities, material and functionality. • Made to measure blinds- Made to measure blinds refer to blinds which are accurate in their measurements and get properly fit in your windows. The main advantage of buying blinds from online companies is that you will not get ill-fitted blinds as in the case of buying them from street vendors. • Easy to order and buy blinds online- Always choose a credible and reliable company which enjoys healthy feedback of the people and which has user friendly interface to order and buy blinds. So, all these tips help you to buy the best window blinds at economical price

Blinds a quick history

October 1, 2009

Window coverings have been around almost as long as windows. Desert dwellers in the first mud-brick shelters soaked cloths in water and hung them over the windows for cooling. In the Middle Ages, the fine cloth draperies that were hung around poster beds to provide shelter from drafts evolved into drapes hung in front of multi-paned windows. Venetian blinds may have really been invented in Persia, but the Venetians, who were great travelers and traders, brought them home to Venice and then to Paris, and so got credit for their invention.

By the late 18th century, Venetian blinds were shown in paintings depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Soon, they were popping up in such prestigious buildings as the RCA Building in New York City. Window blinds can create a variety of environments in different rooms of your home.

If you want an exciting look in a bathroom, you can use bright colored blinds that provide interest as well as privacy.

Window blinds can also be starkly elegant black on white or white on black in a formal living room or reception area. They’re great in bedrooms where privacy is an issue and in sun rooms where you want to control the amount of light and heat coming in. In short, window blinds affect the look of any room, creating or enhancing the environment you choose. Remember that cheap blinds do not meanpoor quality window blinds, you want your blinds to be around for a long time.