Live Chat

In todays age of internet and digital communications, customers want answers fast, many customer no longer wish to email thier querys, many want an instant answer. So how do you as a online merchant respond to this?

One way Lancashire Rose Blinds interact with our customers is by using a live chat feature on our site. This allows our customers to ask a range of questions from queries reagarding measuring windows┬áto general fabric queries. We then can answer these queries in real time, which helps build customer realtionships and also aids the customer in making a “buying” decision.

Lancashire Rose blinds, understand the need for customers to gain the information, quickly and that is why we belive that live chat can only be an asset to any online business. It can help improve customer relations, help customers decide to buy from you and more importanly show the customers that you, the retailer, have the knowledge and expertise to assisst them at all times.

Customer service is a vital part of any business and should be seen as a valueable marketing tool and not a hinderance.

So how do you interact with your customers and do you think live chat on a website is a gimmick or sales tool?



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