Perfect fit blinds

Lancashire Rose Blinds, now supply perfect fit roller blinds online. a unique system develpoed by Louvolite blinds. No drilling, no screwing, no mess. Pefect fit roller blinds from lancashire rose blinds come in a variety of colours and fabrics.

Ideal for either domestic or commercial installations, Louvolite Perfect Fit can be installed in less than one minute as there is no need to drill any holes in the window, door frame or surrounding plasterwork. The result is a stylish, contemporary looking window blind that completely integrates with the surrounding UPVC frame.  To make a good thing even better, Perfect Fit looks stunning when fitted into conservatories.


As Perfect Fit blinds attach to individual frames, they move as the window or door moves making the product ideal for use with tilt and turn windows, glazed doors and skylights.

Perfect Fit frames are available in white, brown or silver.

No drilling or screwing
Unique fitting system allows blinds to be installed by anyone perfectly in double glazed sealed unit applications.

Brackets slide into place – frame locks onto the brackets!

Louvolite Perfect Fit is changing the way blinds are fitted forever. Window blinds look better, perform better and are more desirable when used in conjunction with Perfect Fit.

Damage free installation
Because there is no drilling or screwing required there’s no damage to your window or door frames which can invalidate any warranty they may carry.

Suitable for windows, doors or skylights
The possibilities are endless with Perfect Fit. Because your blind becomes part of your window or door you can still opperate them as normal.

Increased privacy and light control
By eliminating gaps at the side of your blinds Perfect Fit not only increases privacy but cuts down considerably on light ‘bleed’ around the edge of your blinds. Perfect Fit is fantastic when used in conjunction with our huge range of blackout fabrics.

Child safety
No loose cords, no loops, no danger.
Although isolated there have been accidents involving infants with unrestrained cords and loop chains on blinds

Louvolite Perfect Fit   roller blinds are the ideal choice as chilD safe window blinds because they have no loose operating cords or loops. shop online foperfect fit blinds from Lancashire rose blinds and save



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